Khelaram Khele Ja | 2011

Khelaram Khele Ja


Collaborative Performance with Traditional Ghatu performer of Netrokona

‘Prantike Prakritajan’ organized by Britto Arts Trust at Durgapur, Netrokona, Bangladesh.


Durgapur, Netrokona is home to several indigenous groups. The Hajong community in Netrokona celebrates ‘Chormaga’ – a festival where troops of young people acts out stories using masks and puppets while traveling from village to village. My partner here is a Hajong man, who is a famous performer in this festival.

The mining of limestone has stripped the hills off forest, uprooting these people from their ancestral land. The extraction continues, without any regard for the people who have been living in this lands for hundreds of years. Dislocation and calamity awaits for the people who are deeply rooted to this land. While the player plays on with his excavators.