Greed I | 2016



‘In-Site’ – Collaborative Environmental Workshop, Gidree Bawlee Foundation of Arts, Balia, Thakurgaon
This project started years ago while working in a Santal village called Molanipara in Thakurgaon, Bangladesh. Being close to the community since my childhood, I have experienced the gradual changes in their lifestyles – how they gradually shifted their hunter-gatherer lifestyle to a modern agrarian one. Along with their lifestyle, their surrounding environment has also changed over time. Hybrid crops and excessive use of insecticides and pesticides have driven away foxes, owls, eagles and many other animals that helped maintain the biodiversity and ecosystem of the region. The rats that the Santals used to hunt before have increased excessively in numbers and have invaded their houses made of earth.

The hunter and the hunted – our world circles around this story.