Boat to Heaven | 2016

Participatory Performance

International SOLO Festival, Bangkok Arts and Cultural Center, Thailand


Every year, thousands of Bangladeshis embark on perilous journeys across the sea by boat in search of a better life. Some die of starvation on the journey, some are detained by authorities after botched border crossings, some face even worse fate falling into the hands of trans-border network of the human traffickers who hold them up for ransom. Of those who succeed in entering their desired land, 60 percent can not even find jobs. These illusive dreams that the traffickers sell to these people, the dream of the abundance of opportunity and a better life, turn into nightmares for most of them.

What is this dream that they are chasing year after year despite the terrible consequences? What is this delusion that draws them towards that imaginary heaven year after year?

An illusive dream, a boat of false hope, a mirage of heaven.